My Training Philosophy

I believe in teaching and creating a solid foundation of safety, horsemanship, riding mechanics, equestrian physiology, equestrian health, and basic equipment.  I have learned in my over forty-five years of riding experience, decades of show experience, and dozens of classes and clinics that these factors are crucial to rider/horse success.  I leverage this knowledge to help my experienced students find the subtle differences in their riding styles that once corrected can take them to the next level of competition.  I also use this experience to instill confidence in my youngest students as they mount an animal that outweighs them by a thousand pounds.  Regardless of rider’s experience, these foundational principles are the building blocks of their success.  Whether training ground work, Western, English or Jumping, I have found these principles to hold true. 

The relationship between the rider and the horse are just as important as the techniques needed to trot and canter.  The rider needs to trust the horse and more importantly, the horse needs to trust the rider.  This is why I feel strongly about teaching riders of all experience levels the techniques necessary to create a trusting and safe relationship between them and the horse.  

I have been fortunate to share in the exhilaration of a riders first solo ride as well as many blue ribbons in the show ring.  I sincerely enjoy watching riders progress through the various stages of horsemanship and find great satisfaction in helping others discover and enjoy the equestrian experience which I have been fortunate enough to live since I was a little girl. 

                                                                             Kim Johnson